Vitasoy Pins


Nostalgic Vitasoy pins feature the classic soy milk box design, chrysanthemum tea, and lemon tea inspired designs. These child hood drinks are recreated lovingly as hard enamel pins with sharp screen printing so you can bring them with you everywhere.

The original soymilk design is on silver colored metal and the chrysanthemum tea, lemon tea and malt soy milk are on gold metal with translucent enamel in the straw for the teas to show the drink color!

• ~1.1" tall measured from top of the straw to bottom of the box
• Pin come with a sturdy black rubber backing.
Standard pins range from flawless to very small or faint single dust specs that are almost imperceptible.
• B+ Grade pins are just barely not standard, they could have several faint dust specs, or one slightly darker spec, or a small smudge in the screen print., etc. Still fantastic pins for those who don't mind little flaws.
Seconds pins have larger dust specks, darker smudges, missing enamel sections or obviously crooked screen printing. Flaws still would not affect the over all legibility of the pin. A great deal for those who don't mind the trade off.

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