D20 Stained Glass Pins
Show off your nerdy dice side with these classy stained glass pins, each one with see through enamel and screen printed highlights. The silver wave pin shows off translucent blue enamel while the gold terrarium pin has a lush little succulent garden...
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Crystal Ball Stained Glass Pins
What does your future hold? Use these stained glass pins to tell the future! They come in three metal colors and three different sayings, Hell Yeah!, Yikes, and Eh Fuck it. Each one fit for a different mood and philosophy....
from $12.00
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Crystal Heart Stained Glass Pin
What happens when you stab through a crystal heart? Does blood pour forth still?  This see through stained glass pin is screen printed with blood and highlights, showing a simple heart being stabbed through with a dagger.  Details: • 1.75...
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