Baldur's Gate 3 Pins Astarion and Karlach


Intricate hard enamel pins of Astarion the pale elf and Karlach, our fiery friend.  Each one has screen printed details as well as a translucent enamel accent in the background AND a custom backstamp that are specifically made for them, calling back to some of their most emotional moments in Baldur's Gate 3. 

Astarion's pin is filled with little details that his ardent fans will recognize, including his tombstone etching recreated on the back. The moonlight above, and the flowers below with the small screen printed stars will make any Astarion fan seen. 

Karlach's pin is covered in flames and fire, with one of her most stunningly delivered lines screen printed on the front and continued on the back. Those of us who love her so dearly may shed a tear when we recall it :'O

• Astarion is on silver metal, Karlach is on gold metal.
• All pins are roughly 2" tall, please refer to USA quarter reference picture! 
• Pins come with two sturdy RED HEART backings
• All pins feature screen printed detail and translucent enamel over engraved details in the background.
• Astarion purchased before 4/3/2024 were misprinted on the back only, I'm offering this misprint at a discount now. If you purchased your Astarion before 4/3/2024 you may e-mail me for the discount refunded to you, thank you for your understanding!

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