Master Sword Restored Double Layer Pin


This premium Master Sword pin is inspired by the latest Legend of Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom. If you know, you know. This beautiful pin is 3" tall, with beautiful golden petals flying off it in two dynamic layers that have unparalleled depth.

This pin comes pre-pinned to a simple thematic backing card featuring a soft glowing light and silent princess flowers. This will sure to delight any Zelda fan who's played or will be playing Tears of the Kingdom, and may even bring a tear to their face :')

• Gold colored metal
• Two layers of metal stacked to create a beautiful 3-D effect

• 3" Tall
• Two posts with black rubber backers
Standard grade pins can have a single light dust specs or other slight flaws only visible close up or at specific light angles. These quirks are characteristic of enamel pins.
• Seconds grade pins have more visible flaws such as multiple dust specs or similar, small smudges or similar, pin holes in the enamel or similar. They are great for those who  don't mind a little imperfection for a small discount.

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