Please read this FAQ for your question before you contact us, if you can not find your question I will be happy to help.
I ship using USPS first class by default.
Handling times are 1-3 business days, this means it can take between 24 to 72 hours for the package to be dropped off with USPS. Business days are counting from Monday to Friday excluding weekends and federal Holidays.

This is in ADDITION to shipping times.
Domestic shipping within the US usually takes 3-7 business days once I drop it off.

International can take longer, usually 10-30 business days. These are in addition to the 1-3 handling period.
Yes, all orders come with basic USPS tracking and you will get a number once it is shipped.
If you have already waited the estimated shipping time and the tracking still shows it is on the way, please know that occasionally items can take longer and they are rarely lost. Often times it can take an extra week if something has been temporarily delayed.

Please take this time to double check the address information you have submitted. If this is still correct you should contact your local post office to see if they are still delivering your item.

If you have waited the estimated time + the additional week to account for hiccups please contact me with your order information.

If you have not waited the estimated shipping and handling time please wait before contacting me.
Usually there are several reasons why this happens, please make sure you go over all these steps before contacting me.

1. Often times it is delivered to a strange location or it has fallen some where. Please check the whole area where items are dropped off, including behind objects like trash cans or bushes or between objects like fences or under things like porches and any area a small envelope can slip into.

2. Many times packages can be delivered to a neighbor as well, please ask your neighbors if they have accidentally received your package or your package office if anyone has returned things in the next 3 days.

3. Sometimes USPS marks an item as delivered when it has not been. These packages often show up in the next 3 business days as normal. Please wait this time to make sure this has not happened.

4. Lastly, if it is not these three options then your package may have been stolen. Please file a theft report with the USPS and contact me with the report ID you get after filing your submission.
Please take a photo of what you have received and contact me so we can work it out!
Yes, our policy lasts 7 days after an item is marked delivered. You should contact me within 1 week from when you have the item. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

Please see the returns page for more details
There is a ONE HOUR grace period for item cancellation, if your e-mail sent to me is with in the one hour it will be cancelled no questions asked.

If an item has already shipped when you request a cancellation you will have to go through the returns process. Shipping costs will under no circumstances be refunded.
Yes, please contact me for whole sale inquiries and minimums and what items you were interested in.
Short answer: No.

Long answer: No, but we can still work out a deal that requires upfront costs but over time will be completely free for you. If you think this fits you may contact me.
All my acrylic charms are made in the USA by ink it labs. My prints are printed in New York by Catprint.

Everything else is various manufacturers that are always changing or else with friends that I can not give you an answer or recommendation for, please do not inquire further about them.
If you just want to add more items, you can just make a second purchase before the first one ships and contact me, I can refund shipping overages manually here.

If you want to remove an item you will follow the same procedures as cancelling an order

If you want to change out items you may contact me to see if it's possible. You may be directly to purchase the item you want and I will cancel the other order instead.
Like order cancellations there is a no problems ONE HOUR adjustment period where you can email for a change with no problems.

Any longer than the hour I will try my best to accommodate your correction, but in certain cases you may be told to make a new order and I will cancel the old one.

If your order has already shipped I can not change anything about it, as it is no longer in my hands. If the address does not exist it will simply return to me and I can ship it to you again for additional shipping cost or I will refund you the item cost.

Seconds are pins with noticeable flaws such as noticeable trapped dust, multiple dark specs, smears or smudges in the enamel, small missing areas of enamel or large areas of low fill enamel. The flaw(s) do not impact the OVER ALL readability of the pin, but they are obviously imperfect and aren't sold at full price.

The general pin standard for non seconds pins ranges from absolutely flawless to very minor flaws that are not noticeable unless pointed out including single small specs of dust, slight tarnishing of metal, natural machining and polishing marks on metal or enamel that you can see a certain angles, or small areas of low fill enamel. These marks are not an issue for a vast majority of buyers and exceed the quality control of pins from large companies you can purchase readily at large retailers.

I do not offer 100% FLAWLESS pins as some of these issues are unavoidable or would be too cost prohibitive to pursue and to sort for. If you are only in the market for 100% flawless pristine pins please do not purchase from my store.
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