Shiba Inu Pin


Shiba Inu, our favorite obstinate dog immortalized as a gold colored metal hard enamel pin with a chain "leash" and a begging plead from an owner.

This is a two part pin with two posts on the shiba and one post on the word bubble!

This pin comes in two color ways, both in gold metal. The "red" coat shiba is the golden or yellow colored shiba, while the darker brown is a black and tan shiba.

• Shiba is ~1.25" / 31mm wide
• Word bubble is ~.75" / 20mm wide.
• The full item with chain is roughly 4 inches wide
• Seconds Pins are pins with flaws such as multiple dust specs, small pieces of missing enamel, smudges or bubbles in the pin etc. They do not affect the over all legibility of the pin, but are not perfect or close to perfect so can not be sold at full price.

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