Paper Yuji Pin


A little paper Yuji Itadori to get you through your day.  All he wanted was to pull off thunder, or fire, or a power bomb, or spirit gun, or bankai, or rasengan, or dodon ray....

Relatable :')

You can get a matching vinyl sticker too! Check the options when you select the variant!

• 1.57" / 40mm from tip of toes to top of hair, not too big so it can go anywhere you go!
• Enamel on silver colored metal
• Pins come with two sturdy black rubber backings
• Seconds pins have small specs of visible dust but don't interrupt the design, just slightly imperfect!

Sticker Detail:
• Die cut weather resistant vinyl
• About 2.5" from tip of toe to hair, about 1.5" from left arm to right elbow. 

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