Nyx Pin - Limited Edition


Mother Night herself appears to you as a beautiful 2.25" wide hard enamel pin embellished with glitter, screen print, and translucent enamel over facetted engravings. This Nyx pin is inspired by Hades, an addictive rogue-like game created by Supergiant Games. This is an unofficial fan work unaffiliated with Supergiant. 

These pins are limited to 150 pieces and will not be reprinted, each pin is laser engraved with its edition number.  You will receive a pin numbered corresponding relative to when you ordered (i.e. first person gets 1, second person gets 2, etc. till 150 are out) in the appropriate grade. Please do not request a specific number.

• Gold colored metal
• I
ncludes glitter on the hair, screen printed face and stars, cut out halo, and translucent enamel with gem like details within her necklace, forehead gem, earrings, and skull eyes. 
• Roughly 2.25" Wide at widest point.
• Two posts with magenta rubber backers
Standard grade pins can have a single light dust spec, minor misalignment of screen printing, or other slight flaws only visible close up or at specific light angles. These quirks are characteristic of enamel pins.
• Seconds grade pins have more visible flaws such as clearly imperfect screen printing, multiple dust specs or similar, small smudges or similar, pin holes in the enamel or similar. They are great for those who  don't mind a little imperfection for a small discount.
• Please view last photo for grading details, please e-mail if you have questions before buying. 

Nyx Pin - Limited Edition
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