D20 Stained Glass Pins


Show off your nerdy dice side with these classy stained glass pins, each one with see through enamel and screen printed highlights. The silver wave pin shows off translucent blue enamel while the gold terrarium pin has a lush little succulent garden that needs no watering!

New: A flaming d20 with red and yellow stained glass and orange accents!

• Wave D20 is 1.8" / 46mm tall + 1.6" / 40mm wide
• Terrarium D20 is 1.9 / 48mm tall  + 1.6" / 40mm wide
• Fire D20 is 1.8" / 46mm tall + 1.6" / 40mm wide

• Wave D20 is on silver colored metal
Terrarium D20 is on gold colored metal
• Fire D20 is on gold colored metal
• Each pin has two posts with black rubber backings
• Seconds pins have visible but minor flawed such as imperfect screen printing (obvious bubbling or scratches), multiple dust specs or similar, small smudges or similar. They are great for those who  don't mind a little imperfection for a small discount.

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