Animal Crossing Balloons Present Pin


This Animal Crossing balloon present pin is inspired by the floating balloon presents in every animal crossing game! It comes in 4 colors, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue just like the presents in game.

This pin is made of two parts connected by a chain, both the present and the balloon have their own pin. The balloon is filled with a translucent enamel to give it the look of a translucent rubber balloon, it's sure to be a unique item in your pin collection!

Makes a fantastic gift for Animal Crossing fans as well :)

• Balloon is ~1.2" Tall
• Present is ~.8" Tall
• The full item dangling is about 3" long
• Pin comes with two sturdy black rubber backings
• SECONDS pins are pins with imperfections such as dust inclusions, small areas of missing enamel or small smudges/smears/discolorations that make a pin unsellable for full price but are still great pins for those who don't mine small flaws.

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