Galaxy Sweets Holo Foil Washi Tape


This stamp-like washi tape features sweet constellations in the night sky. Flan, cake, boba, ice cream, and more are drawn out in rainbow holographic silver foil for anyone with a sweet tooth and likes to look at the night sky!

This stamp-inspired and ready for you to use in scrap booking and journals or letters (but not as actual postage!) Each roll has holographic silver foil and 7 stamp designs with perforated edges.  The 7 designs make up 250mm worth of repeating designs, and each roll is 25mm wide. 

It features my art you won't find at reseller stores and measures 25mm wide and 7 m long, that's over 21 feet of washi tape for you to use~

All Stationery items are BUY 4 GET 1 FREE, including washi tape! 

Galaxy Sweets Holo Foil Washi Tape
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