Time to Nom Delicious Reusable Shopping Bag


It's time to chow down (mentally) with this ripstop nylon shopping bag absolutely covered in delicious food! You can buy the ingredients for dinner and then stuff them in this mouth-watering tote to inspire you to the greatest culinary heights known to humanity. It can also hold anything else for you... like 20 cups of boba (personally tested) or non food related shopping too.

All re-usable shopping bags are ripstop nylon, roughly 16" wide and 25" tall when laid flat including the handles. Without handles, the bag portion is roughly 16" x 16" with gusseted sides that can be pulled out to 21" wide.

Each bag has it's own pouch sewn into it, so you will never lose it! If you don't like pouches, the pouch sits INSIDE the bag so it can double as a small inner pocket if you prefer to use it as a totebag or general purpose bag!

Time to Nom Delicious Reusable Shopping Bag
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