Beegachow Washi Tapes



Beegachow is coming at you in TWO kinds of washi tape! The first style is a 25mm wide stamp-inspired washi with different holo gold foil vingettes of beegachow in each stamp. The second is a continuous regular roll of 20mm washi tape with an all-over beegachow pattern accented with red foil. Both are amazing decorative or scrapbooking tools for any beegachow fan.

Each STAMP roll has subtly holographic gold foil and 7 stamp designs with perforated edges.  The 7 designs make up 250mm worth of repeating designs, and each roll is 25mm wide. It is 7m long, meaning over 21 feet of tape for you!

The red foil design has a pattern with 250mm worth of BEEGACHOW pattern repeating on a 20mm wide roll of tape, 10m long so over 30 feet of tape on that one~

Both features my art you won't find at reseller stores, treat your friends and family to the shock and awe of these beautiful specimens.

You can also get a deal by buying both tapes at once (though it will count as one "item" for the Buy 4 Get 1 Free deal)

All Stationery items are BUY 4 GET 1 FREE, including washi tape! 

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