Beegachow Tyvek Wallet


Beegachow is back in wallet format! This simple bifold wallet is made of super strong single piece of tyvek paper (The stuff USPS envelopes are made of). It's water resistant and ultra tear resistant and slim but expands to hold everything you need! Due to it being paper it's also as flexible as the things you put (or don't put) in it.

The wallet has TWO bill pockets for all your paper money, as well as two card pockets. ever printed side has it's own BEEGACHOW art to bring you joy no matter where you look :)

Impress your friends with this unique item. Or confuse them. It really depends on what kind of friends you have ?

It is approximately 4" x 3.25" when folded, and 8" long when folded and a little over 1/8" in thickness when empty.

(Money and Library card not included! You just get the wallet!)

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