Spreading Democracy Helldivers 2 Deco Sticker Sheets


Make sure you stick all these little chibi helldivers stickers everywhere so everyone knows you are a proper citizen of super earth who fights for democracy unlike those unpatriotic dissidents out there destined for the camps! This sheet comes with chibi Helldivers and chibi terminids as well as the arc thrower, the autocannon, the punisher, and a little ems mortar. UGH, so cute!

There's a little sparkle from the right angles because you deserve it for earning so many super earth citizenship points from being a law abiding helldiver yourself!

These water resistant vinyl stickers are printed on a clear sheet with a custom backing card, they are easy to peel and roughly 6" tall by 2.4" wide and have over 10 of the larger stickers and too many smaller stickers to count (over 20 for sure *squint*). Since the background paper is cut but unpeeled, none will be lost on their way to you and you can peel it at your leisure!

Remember all stationery type items are Buy 3 Get 1 FREE so feel free to shop around & small stickers ship free in the USA!

• Stickers come with the "background" parts unpeeled and are easily removed at home (and very satisfying too!) 
• Backing cards are 7"x2.4" / 180mm x 60mm, sticker sheets are 6" x 2.4" 150mm x 60mm
• Glossy finish with small holo glitter
• Printed on water resistant white vinyl

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