Ghibli Stamps Deco Sticker Sheets


Sweet postal-stamp inspired ghibli stickers to decorate all your goodies like journals, top loaders, stationery, laptops and anything else you can think of!. The subtle sparkle gives it a hint of bling without being over powering. 

These water resistant vinyl stickers are printed on a clear sheet with a custom backing card, they are easy to peel and roughly 6" tall by 2.4" wide and have 11 stamp stickers, and 12 smaller detail stickers

Remember all stationery type items are Buy 3 Get 1 FREE so feel free to shop around & small stickers ship free in the USA!

• Stickers come with the "background" parts unpeeled and are easily removed at home (and very satisfying too!) 
• Backing cards are 7"x2.4" / 180mm x 60mm, sticker sheets are 6" x 2.4" 150mm x 60mm
• Glossy finish with small holo glitter
• Printed on water resistant white vinyl

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