Squiggle Cat Deco Sticker Sheets


You can pick between BUFF SQUIGGLE CAT or regular squiggle cat (and potato dog) with these new deco-style sticker sheets! They go great on stationery as well as top loaders. They'll also make your schedules and journals way more fun :) These are lightly sparkly and come with tons of decorative bits and bobs. 

These water resistant vinyl stickers are printed on a clear sheet with a custom backing card, they are easy to peel and roughly 6" tall by 2.4" wide and have between 20-30+ stickers per sheet! (SO MANY)

Remember all stationery type items are Buy 3 Get 1 FREE so feel free to shop around & small stickers ship free in the USA!

• Backing cards are 7"x2.4" / 180mm x 60mm, sticker sheets are 6" x 2.4" 150mm x 60mm
• Glossy finish with small holo glitter
• Printed on water resistant white vinyl

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