Pâtisserie Synthétiq Fauxto Book


Pâtisserie Synthétiq is a Fuaxto book (Faux or Fake Photo Book) featuring imaginary fictional desserts, presented as if it were a small coffee table photo book to show readers desserts and sweets from across the galaxy.

All imagery was generated using MidJourney V3 (An AI based image generator), curated by me, and further formatted and edited by me before being sent to print. 

Pâtisserie Synthétiq is sold close to cost for printing and time to package and ship. It is a small run made primarily for me and my friends simply to exist, the listed books are essentially left overs to get close to break even for making the book exist. They are printed in Canada/USA (Company has printers in both countries).


  • 5.5" x 7.5" Landscape Orientation
  • Soft touch matte cover lamination
  • UV raised spot gloss cover and back cover details
  • 60 Pages, Over 60 "Fuaxtographs" and Desserts
  • Shows Petit Fours, Pastries, Cakes, Cold Treats as categories with various cakes as the largest section.
Pâtisserie Synthétiq Fauxto Book
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