Overwatch Crossing [DIGITAL ZINE]


This is the *DIGITAL PDF Edition* of Overwatch Crossing

This is the Overwatch Crossing Fanzine! It's a fan made unofficial art book featuring every single Overwatch character (as of January 2018, ending with MOIRA) as if they were animal villagers from Animal Crossing. You will be receiving the DIGITAL edition of this zine now which includes Doomfist and Moira.

This is the joint work of 4 different artists:
Shattered-Earth (That's me!)

This zine has 40 pages + cover art and with 24 heroes represented with at least one profile drawing and a full written profile as you can see in the sample pages. This includes carefully selected in universe appropriate personalities and even favorite K.K. songs!

The writing is appropriate for all ages and would be a great gift for a fan of both games, or as something to add to your collection of fan works!

The physical version of this zine is discontinued!

Overwatch Crossing [DIGITAL ZINE]
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