Baldur's Gate 3 Vinyl Meme Stickers


Bring some Baldur's Gate 3 laughs into your life as these small run vinyl stickers! You can choose between Cat-Astarion, a perpetually crying Gale, a judgemental shadowheart or a non chalant Withers shrugging as you die lol

These water resistant thick clear vinyl stickers are printed domestically with a glossy top coat that keeps them safe in most weather conditions. 

Remember all stationery type items are buy 3 get one free as well so feel free to shop around & small stickers ship free in the USA!

Do you prefer this art on a keychain instead? Check out the keychain version of these memes! 

• Cat Astarion is 3" wide, Gale, Shadowheart, and Withers are 2.5" Tall
• Glossy finish
• Printed on water resistant white vinyl

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