HYRULE: Taste of the Kingdom


HYRULE: Taste of the Kingdom is a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fanzine that's a mock cooking magazine! (2nd Edition Print)

This is a fan made unofficial art book featuring 14 working real life recipes written by real chefs and illustrated by a group of talented artists. Filled to the brim with delicious illustrations it will be sure to please fans of all ages and chefs of all skill levels. A large majority of recipes are vegetarian friendly with a couple of easy to adjust vegan recipes as well. 

It is also the sequel to the HYRULE: Taste of the Wild zine that you can still get as a digital PDF copy here.

This is the joint work of 6 different artists:
Shattered-Earth (That's me!)
Danielle Sylvan
Finni Chang
Sydney 'Funwalker' Cook
Guest Art: Lowah

And recipes are written by:
Bryan Connor
Jaime Carillo
Diana Ault

This 6.5x9" zine has 32 interior pages with recipes, in universe ads, and short interviews / articles.

The writing is appropriate for all ages and would be a great gift for a fan of Zelda, foodies and home chefs, or as something to add to your collection of fan works!


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HYRULE: Taste of the Kingdom
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