Washi Tape SAMPLE 24"


This is a listing for ordering SAMPLES of washi tape. Each sample has 24" or ~60cm of tape, enough to see ever pattern more than once for you to decide if you'd like a full roll or just to get a sampling of washi tapes.

Samples come on a plastic card. Each card fits between 4-6 tapes and multiple samples will be placed on one card, if the order requires more cards i will provide more gratis to fit all the tapes.

You may order extra blank cards with no washi tape on them as well in the listing.

You can choose from the following:
Animal Crossing (Clear tape, Silver Holo 20mm)
Ghibli Stamps (Clear Tape, Silver Holo 20mm)
Gold Stars 2-pack (Clear Tape, Gold Holo 10mm each, you get TWO)
Demon Blood (Washi Tape, Red Foil, 30mm)
McCree (Gold Foil 15mm)
BEEGACHOW (Red Foil 20mm)
Medical Tape (Red Foil 20mm)

Design 24" SAMPLE *
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