Umbreon Perfume Pin


This stunning stained-glass style enamel pin shows a chibi umbreon in an art deco inspired black perfume bottle. The "perfume" is transparent yellow enamel with transparent red accents.

Due to the difficult process of making these, there are very few "perfect" pins and as such the highest grade pin is a "standard pin. All most all the pins have small air bubbles in the translucent areas, but i feel they give the pins character when they appear as it makes them look like liquid!

Here are the notes for the pin grading, you can also see examples in the photos.

  • Standard: The standard grade pin, ranges from perfect to very minor imperfections such as small dust inclusions, or slightly lower/over fill in some enamel areas, or pin prick sized bubble holes. As good as these get due to the manufacturing process, a majority of people would find no problem with them.
  • B: More noticeable flaws in otherwise good pins, would include several darker dust inclusions, very low or multiple low/over fill enamel spots or very small areas of no or wrong colored enamel. Can also include small spots of transparent enamel where it shouldn't be. Over all fantastic pins for those that aren't very picky.
  • C: Very flawed pins, includes errors such as areas completely missing enamel or large areas of wrong enamel color, many areas of very low fill, heavily marked or scuffed, etc. Heavily discounted for those people who don't mind defective pins. Still functional with posts working. 

• Hard enamel with stained-glass style enamel on black nickel color metal
• 2.25" Tall
• Pins come with two sturdy black rubber backings

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Umbreon Perfume Pin
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