Sweet Galaxy Holo Foil Washi tape set


This is a 30mm + 10mm washi tape set feature sweet constellations in the night sky for the 30mm tape and a useful 10mm wide ruler tape that has inches on one side (labelled at 0 and 9) and a seamless centimeter ruler on the other side.

The foil is a beautiful holographic foil that shines rainbow in certain lights (most vibrant in sunlight, try it!)

It features my art you won't find at reseller stores and measures 30mm wide for one and 10mm wide for the other, and 10m long, that's over 30 feet of washi tape for you to use~

You can find more washi tape designs in my store, as well as a 4 for $40 washi deal if you happen to like more than one design >>here<<

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Sweet Galaxy Holo Foil Washi tape set
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