Syringe Dangle Pins


This Starry Syringe comes in two color ways. The first one features a jelly-like translucent red enamel instead of the plain opaque stuff on gold colored metal, the second is a galaxy theme blue glitter on silver metal! The red colorway currently has a thinner and more delicate chain while the silver has a chunkier one. You can see in the photos!

It's sure to be a unique piece in your collection! The Droplet dangles on a colored chain, the pin back is present on the syringe only.

• Syringe is ~1.5" long
• Droplet is ~.33" long
• The full item dangling is about 3.33" long (red is every so slightly shorter cause of the thinner chain)
• Pin come with a sturdy black rubber backing, The droplet hangs loose.

Color *
Both Syringes
Red with Gold
Glitter Blue Silver
Glitter Blue SECONDS
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