Pokecafe Zine


PokeCafe is a 68 page, 7"x7" (176mm x 178mm) Pokemon Cafe themed fanzine that's a both an art book and a menu! It's a fan made unofficial work featuring over 30 pokemon inspired dishes accompanied by fun flavorful descriptions and star ratings describing their fictional world tastes. The cover is stamped with a gorgeously rainbow holographic foil~

It also includes 2 bonus real work recipes for you to make at home written and tested by a real chef!

This is the joint work of 8 different artists who really REALLY love pokemon:
Shattered-Earth (That's me!)
Finni Chang
Dispel Dice

And recipes are written by:
Diana Ault - FictionFood

This book has 68 interior pages with over 30 Pokemon dishes represented!

The writing is appropriate for all ages and would be a great gift for a fan of Pokemon and nerdy foodies, or to just add to your collection of unique fan works.



  • Standard - Standard book.
  • "A-" Grade has minor scuffing on 1-2 pages or on the cover / back cover. Most people do not mind these minor flaws!
  • "B" grade are books with heavier scuffing either on one page very noticeable or on several pages. Sometimes the back cover can have glue or glue spots between the cover and the inside page. Or there may be an ink blotch etc. These flaws usually do not affect more than 1-3 pages or the front / back cover. Most people who don't require perfect books do not mind this.


Pokecafe Zine
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