Nezuko Hinged Box Pin


Nezuko! This is a two part hinged pin with a small magnet. When closed it looks like the cloud mist pine box Tanjiro carries in Demon Slayer. When you open, it reveals a chibi Nezuko ready to crawl out at night!

This pin order came with defects, unfortunately, please review the photos and details before you purchase!

• Hard Enamel pin with gunmetal metal color
• 1.77" / 45 mm tall. 
• Pins come with a sturdy black rubber backing.
Standard grade pins will range from flawless to having 1-2 minor dust specs or spots, very minor flaws. All pins have a copper hinge pin instead of matching gunmetal.
 B-grade pins can have more noticeable flaws such has darker or more numerous dust specs or smudges or missing enamel sections, bubbles in the enamel etc. Visually the over all image is still easily legible and intact. The copper colored hinge pins may also be loose (the copper color cylinder piece that holds the hinge together, not the back post). This means the copper pin piece can fall down a bit to be visible, but they do not fall out completely and the pin is completely functional still. This is visible in a couple of the photos.


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