$100.00 $22.00
    This is your chance to grab a bunch of pins for a huge discount, and it will only be sticking around for the holiday season or while supplies last. 

    Specs for all bags:
    • Pins can be a mix of Standard, A-/B+ and Seconds pins
    • Value of pins will always meet or exceed the stated values
    • Pins will come UNCARDED, please leave a note with your order if you need cards and how many you need. Please don't request cards you won't use!
    • There are no duplicates within each bag, but if you order multiple bags you CAN get duplicates between bags

    • Small - $22USD

    3 Pins, At least $30 USD Value
    • Medium - $40USD
    6 Pins, At least $65 USD Value
    • Large - $60USD + Free Shipping in USA
    10 Pins, At least $100 USD Value

    • Mixed Style

    All currently in stock pins on this page are eligible
    • Fanart Only
    All currently in stock pins on this page are eligible
    • Original Art Only
    All currently in stock pins on this page are eligible

    Good luck! All free shipping promotions still apply, this item will be up for as long as supplies last or until December 31st.

     Grading is as Follows:
    • A-/B+ Pins have usually one very small minor flaw such as a spec of dust or small/light smudge or slight enamel underfill, slight screen printing imperfections, etc. Borderline between standard and full on seconds, most people don't notice the flaw.
    • Seconds/B-grade pins have easily noticeable flaw(s) such as several dust specs, or noticeable smudges, slight discolorations, more noticeable screen printing imperfections or underfill, small amounts of missing enamel, pin prick size holes, noticeable metal tarnishing etc., generally they are noticeable flaws that do not affect the over all legibility of the pin.
    • C-grade pins are not included in these bags. 


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