Three very different conveniently sized small memopads for you to write, draw, doodle or do anything all over. Note: Stationary items are buy 4 get one free! 

Zelda - Subtle lightly sepia toned pad with various items from Breath of the Wild and a gentle dot grid so you can use it as guidance for writing and diagrams if you wish! The sword on top works as a great place to put a title for your memo, or if you turn it side ways you can use it as guide for text or check boxes!

Squiggle Cat - Very lightly dot gridded memo pad borderd by enthusiastic squiggle cats to give you a burse of encouragement! The bodies can serve a simple borders or can be used for putting check boxes or titles or any other decoration you like.

Beegachow - Brightly colored BEEGACHOW screaming and shooting lighting all over this pad. The writing area has a deocrative half tone, no grids or lines so you can let CHAOS REIGN under Beegachow! Perfect item to make your memos POP



    • 4x6" Uncoated paper
    • 50 sheets per pad
    • Attached at the top, easy tear off loose sheets

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