Magikarp Ice Cream Taiyaki Enamel Pin


Magikarp Taiyaki (Or Magikarp Yaki!) make a delicious snack and now you can have one as an enamel pin of it too! It features a matcha green tea and vanilla soft serve swirl, tri-color dango, strawberries, pocky and the perfectly golden brown magikarp yaki itself.

Fans of pokemon and japanese treats will be sure to love this little pin!

• Hard enamel on gold colored metal
• 1.33" / 34mm Tall
• Pins come with a sturdy black rubber backing.
• Standard pins range from flawless to a very small / a faint dust spec that is only noticeable on very close inspection.
• Seconds pins can include small flaws such as: off color smears, multiple visible dust specs, bubbles in the enamel, small areas of missing enamel, low fill enamel, so on and so forth. Over all readability of the pin not affected, but they are visibly noticeably flawed.

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Magikarp Ice Cream Taiyaki Enamel Pin
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