LIMITED EDITION Horizon Forbidden West Pins


Beautifully detailed Limited Edition Enamel pins of Aloy, Varl, and Kotallo from Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn. Each one has screen printed details as well as a translucent enamel accent in the background with thematically appropriate patterning.

The limited edition versions of these pins have extra screen printing on each pin compared to the open edition pins. Aloy has the outlines of a Tenakth helmet overlaid on her, Varl has his beard, and Kotallo has a hint of blush :) Only 25 of each limited edition were made.

Get them for yourself or a fellow fan! A set will save a bit of money as well, don't forget we have free shipping on $50~

Prefer the regular open edition designs? Get them here:

• Aloy and Varl are on Gold colored metal, Kotallo is on silver colored metal
• All pins are roughly 2" tall, please refer to the ruler size reference picture! 
• Pins come with two sturdy black rubber backings
• All pins feature screen printed detail and translucent enamel over engraved details in the background.
SECONDS pins are pins with imperfections such as multiple dust inclusions, small areas of missing enamel or smudges/smears/discolorations that make a pin unsellable for full price but are still great pins for those who don't mind small flaws.

LIMITED EDITION Horizon Forbidden West Pins
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