D.Va Light Gun Enamel Pin


D.Va's light gun now in pin form, complete with matching dangly chain and charm. The rose gold metal one is D.Va's default gun while the gold metal one has a little bee charm from her B.Va skin!

Any D.Va fan would be ecstatic to own this pin! You can also get a slight discount when you order both!

NOTE: Please view ALL PHOTOS of the pin. Some people find that the pin is "not pink enough" while others think it is very pink, please understand every monitor is different and that the precise shade of pink varies from monitor to monitor. If you are only buying the rose pink default gun and don't have a gold pin to compare it to, you may think it is "not pink enough", if this is a problem for you please DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM.

• Gun is 1.5" / 39mm wide
• Charms are about 1/3" / ~11mm tall
• The full item dangling is about 2.25" long
• The gun has two rubber backed post to keep it straight, the charm dangles freely
• SECONDS pins have imperfections like over filled enamel, small holes in the enamel or dust specs/dark smudges in the enamel and other flaws. The over all pin shape and readability is still preserved, they are just imperfect and can't be sold for full price.

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