Pitfall, Fossil, and Leaf Pins

$30.00 $6.00


The Pitfall, Fossil, and Leaf are timeless symbol of the Animal Crossing Franchise you can now get as beautiful minimalist soft enamel pins. The dyed metal eliminates the need for metal lines letting their iconic designs shine through. 

The pitfall has white dyed metal with red glitter, the fossil has a deep blue dye metal with holo glitter, the leaf has a light green metal with natural dark blue soft enamel. 

Dyed Metal Soft enamel pins tend to have small imperfections because they can not be polished, please see the photos for reference for what to expect! 

All pins are 3/4in / 19mm 
All pins come with black rubber backing
• SECONDS pins are pins with imperfections such as dust inclusions, small areas of missing enamel or small smudges/smears/discolorations that make a pin unsellable for full price but are still great pins for those who don't mine small flaws.

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