Period Time Red Foil Washi Tape


It's that time of the month, your period is here! Why shouldn't you have a cute washi tape to mark that off on your journal? This tape is cute and a little snarky with blazing red foil as blood. Each pad, liner, and panty has different forms ranging from nothing at all to representing the heavy days. 

You can use it as a whole strip to mark off your calendar, or you can cut out each design to decorate each day for journal ling your experience,and of course you can just use it as a simple decoration as you would any other washi tape :)

There is 250mm worth of unique design in each repetition.

It features my art you won't find at reseller stores and measures 15mm wide and 10 m long, that's over 30 feet of washi tape for you to use~

All Stationery items are BUY 4 GET 1 FREE, including washi tape! 

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