Animal Crossing Balloon Presents Foil Washi Tape

$20.00 $6.00

Nothing makes you want to stop in your tracks like a tantalizing balloon present floating through the sky. It doesn't matter what could be in it, you have to stop and pop! This washi tape uses red foil to make these presents even shinier, perfect to decorate your life with these classic Animal Crossing icons!

This design includes all 4 balloon colors, where the red one is all red foil, as well as standalone present boxes so you can decorate different size spaces how you like. There is 250mm worth of unique design in each repetition.

It features my art you won't find at reseller stores and measures 15mm wide and 10 m long, that's over 30 feet of washi tape for you to use~

All Stationery items are BUY 4 GET 1 FREE, including washi tape! 

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