Mini Ribbon Bow Corner Pins


These cute mini bow are small enough to be used a basic filler pins, but I've given them two posts so they can be used as even cuter "corner" pins if you like! 

The two posts allow you to tuck a polaroid, postcard, trading card or anything between the post to display them. This way you don't need to pierce or press the pin onto your object, eliminating risk of holes and imprint marks! 

(Does not come with a quarter, only used for size reference!)
Selecting quantity indicates how many of each color you want, the default is getting one (1) pin, if you want two (or two sets making 6), makes sure you select two (2) in the quantity!

• Pin is 1 slightly over 1" tall (27mm) and slight over half an inch wide.
• Pin is incredibly small for the amount of detail it packs, it will be disarming when you receive it in person.
• Pins come with two sturdy black rubber backings
• Dice in photos are 30mm jumbo dice for scale, not 16mm standard dice.

Color *
Pink (1 Pin)
Mint (1 Pin)
Black (1 Pin)
One of Each (3 Pins)
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