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Beegachow Dice


Impress your friends with the most artistic, most amazing die ever featuring our beloved friend BEEGACHOWThis die has a custom engraving on each of it's 6 sides. Side 1 has a sad crying beegachow while side 6 has a jubilant beegachow, sides 2-5 have an assortment of funky lighting bolts that fit in the same style. 

Each dice is painted in red over a shimmery faux mother of pearl white dice. 

These are manufactured and customized by Chessex, and thus match both their quality and quirks including sometimes visible sprue marks and slightly imperfect paint work. This dice is known as their "Mother of Pearl White" base with red ink. 


You can buy them separately or in sets for a small discount.

Beegachow Dice
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